Let's Settle Down In Portland

from by John Ludington

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I got us a room at a little motel in the Adirondacks. No one will know where we've gone come tomorrow. Ted is setting up the estate sale for Sunday. So pack your mother's silverware set and your wedding dress. I won't be able to sleep till we're well past the Catskills. My heart is a ticking bomb and the sheets are sticking to me. And these headlines, they're bell chimes in my mind. "Ratings drop through the floor", "News stands blaze across the nation", "Rush plays Russian roulette” and "A billion profiles close on the internet". There were no memos on the desks, the coffee pots were dry. Anchors cradled their heads, some sat glassy eyed. I heard Beck attacked a cop in riot gear. They dragged him off screaming obscenities about women's rights and queers. They took Hannity away on a stretcher. No one knows why he collapsed. O’Reilly thought he was on the air. A liquored up, frothing mad cow. But the cameras weren’t rolling, reruns were on auto and no one was watching anyhow. Leave the light on, leave the light on or the stories I've spun, yeah the captions they come back to me. Good men ostracized, citizens fed with lies. Look, see their faces in this ruby red sunrise. When the mob started to form 'round building 1211, Avenue Of The Americas. I made straight for the 8th floor, through the heavy elevator doors. He was dumbfounded at his desk and I said sir, ‘My wife and I are leaving and I swear I won't tell anyone where. The media war is over. Take my millions I really don't care.’ And I gave him the stocks, the retirement fund and he sat there. Deadpan like a dead man. Mr. Murdoch take my share. The intellectual revolution will not be controlled. And I fled through a swarm of locusts; independent reporters, activists raiding the fortress. Let's settle down in Portland like you've always wanted, leave this high rise and downsize to a cottage. You can teach humanities at a private school and I'll write freelance if anyone gives me a chance.


from Finn, released January 7, 2012
Anders Griffen - drums

John Ludington - acoustic and bass guitars, vocals, backup vocals, glockenspiel

Justino Perez - cello



all rights reserved


John Ludington California

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