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Day in and day out it's the same over and over. After hours, asleep in his office chair. The building's closed and he's drooled on his finger. And this dream has come out of nowhere. Papa sent me here to take away your wallet. You can keep your shoes you’ll need them when we’re through. No you mustn’t struggle, please be still so I can bind your wrists and rummage through your shit. This birth certificate, these bills and every document that serves as proof of you will all go up a flue. Steady while I blindfold you we've got a ways to go and first you'll have a drink of bright lavender hue. Off with the sash look your past is in ashes. Take through this tube Papa's sorcerous liquid. Welcome your fears and give in to the visions. Crawl through this hole and we enter the chasm. Dizzy, give it time, let the fizzle settle in. Don’t you choke on papa’s heliotrope or dribble it on your chin. Come this way, do watch yourself. Pay no mind to Roswell, she’s just had her teeth cleaned, it always makes her mean. Dizzy take it slow while we travel down below. Don’t you crack your skull on hematite or stub each one of your toes. Over this log here, watch your step. This cavern is covered in moss. How's the fizz? I'll hold it dear, while you hobble across. Further down the crevice you will find a raging wind and deep within the cracks you'll find your passage home where you begin. Your longest journey is beneath the surface of the earth and here's the end, behold, the ancient waters subterranean. Solid walls of glass. The bats and stalactites hang all lit up from within with phosphorescent glow. It's Monday night and the garbage trucks are running. He gets up and wipes the drool from his finger. Day in and day out it's the same over and over. And this dream has come out of nowhere.


from Finn, released January 7, 2012
John Ludington - acoustic and bass guitars, vocals, birdcage, keyboard, bamboo stick, wooden box



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John Ludington California

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