All The World Is Finn

from by John Ludington



Harry Tanous worries his thumbs in the lobby with the humming rug where the angry newspaper man shuffles about and just pretends. Good tequila and techno lights. That’s when he met the skinny brunette. She whipped off her thong and changed his life. And now there’s Finn. Four years later up the elevator where the man that snaps the news in his lap has succumbed to the big grey rug that hums. Harry Tanous worries his thumbs. Janette picks up Finn every other Monday at six. She’s bleached her hair blonde and now she drives a Chevette. Finns’ favorite color is blue, that’s what it’ll always be. She won’t color outside the lines and she won’t look up at me when the bitch drives away with my Finn in the back with her broken crayons and her perfect lines and her perfect mind. Harry Tanous the doc will see you now. She hides beneath the sink and cries whenever I do the dishes. What do I, how do I deal with her? The worst part is I think, I’m so glad she’s gone for the week. And one day she will speak. Doc, I’m an old man in my 20’s my records are ruined. She destroyed my collection in a temper tantrum. And I don’t know whatever Janette thinks but she acts like this whole autism thing is normal. And I want to get through to her. I don’t want anything to do with her I just want to ask her how do you deal? Because all the world is Finn and I’m in orbit out there looking in. I’ve read a book or two and I still don’t know what to do. It’s hard to keep the condiments around. She stacks them up and leaves them on the floor. She’ll only listen to Chopin sonatas. And just the one composed in C minor. And she just doesn’t understand discipline with those big blue eyes and she’ll pull you in. Harry, you’re doing great we’re out of time. There’s a world where daddy’s girl can’t say a thing. She may never will until she gets psychiatry. But he’s spending their last dime on his own therapy. Dr. Shultz and his wife Fran love Japanese. They’ve a cottage where she grows exotic peonies. Their daughter is grown and owns a small town dentistry. Thoughts won’t form for now they’ll only make word clouds. Finn might show me how the wind won’t stop on a dime.


from Finn, released January 7, 2012
John Ludington - acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin, melodica

Anders Griffen - drums

Andrea Zvaleko - backup vocals



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John Ludington California

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