Clouds Today

by John Ludington

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John Ludington's Full Release Orgasmic Audio Production, Clouds Today, truly and sincerely, has courted me slowly, lured me in with a passionate intensity that isn't too creepy, whispered secrets in my ear, and finally won me over. I am in love. every song the opposite of what critics would call "filler". substantial as an old desk, I am wealthy in its richness. John's Voice is a vast mystery of precise passionate tone. on the overall, I might say that John's voice is a witches brew of the voices of Greg Brown, Donovan from the sixties, and Ben Harper. not a terribly educated declaration, but I mean every word of it. During the Album, John Floats through several different Octaves and Tones, honestly and in perfect proportion to what the guitar is doing, and it is this versatility that makes the album a treat and makes me match up Donovan with Ben Harper. This album is completely Accoustic, just John's voice, maybe two tracks at once, I can't tell, but not very often, and it seems just one guitar track. Simply Raw and Pure. You might think from that description that it might be boring, the songs, too much not enough production. Want to know what I thought when I first went to listen to it? "Too Complicated. too much going on, wait, that's pretty, what, did he just get discordant? wow, there's a lot going on...too much for my silly ass at this moment..." Now, I am up to Six Listens. In Love. John's a Genius. His wordery is poetic and descriptive, dabbled with intelligent metaphors and seems well thought out. His Guitar Playing is Deliberately Chaotic, creating a soundscape that is at once Soothing to the Ears, and Electrifying to the Musician inside of all of us that tries to follow along. It Rocks, Clouds Today. a 14 Track Long Continuous Outpouring of Passion Mixed into Two Stereo Tracks that sound like a Fucking Symphony. I Shit you not. excuse my expletives and have a nice day.
- Dean Haakenson


released January 1, 2001

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John Ludington California

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Track Name: All That Matters
The clouds today
Grey as can be
I thought of you
And wrote you a letter
In my head
It is a sonnet
Off the cuff
Whether you want it
That’s neither here nor there
You are all that matters

To show you what I mean
Listen dear
Lately it seems you wish
To disappear
And though I care
What can I do?
The only one to fix this thing is you

You seem to be in a rut
Don’t look at me
There’s nothing I can do
To get you out
You have to want it
Bad enough
Tighten your belt and
Get tough
You are all that matters

For no matter how much makeup
You cake on your face
No matter how drunk you get
Or how late you sleep in
No matter who you hang with
Or what you wear
No matter where you go
You’ll be there

Within your heart
There are seeds
Sprouts will start
Whenever you feed
On the light that shines
All around
Mine is a choir of sound
Yours is all that matters
Track Name: Something Crazy
i don't know why i'm worrying about it
she's with him and it don't even matter
i'm alone with or without her

took a walk and i ended up in a bar
all these eyes wondering, 'what's he gonna do'
but not everybody's looking for something
all i wanted was a beer
the only person that i knew
was one of those people that i only say hi to
i feel like doing something crazy

i'm only alive for a short while
maybe i'll go run naked for a mile or two
streaking in the city at night

it's pretty late and the cats are awake
i feel like baking a cake
i'll call my friend in arizona and say
come on over it's my birthday baby
he's pretty loopy and i love him anyway
we've had some good times in the sun
i feel like doing something crazy

i'm only alive for a short while
maybe i'll stay up and watch the sun rise
drinking coffee till dawn
i don't believe in age

what did i do to deserve to be human
didn't have no choice in the matter
it was all in the hands of my gracious god
and i never got the chance to ask her
why can't i be some fish in the sea
wouldn't have to carry home a dollar every day
wouldn't have no pockets anyway
all i'd carry around is the food in my belly

i don't feel like going to bed
this restless feeling has gone to my head
just cant seem to get it out of my system
i feel like doing something crazy

i'm only alive for a short while
that's why i spend most of my time smiling
Track Name: Millionaires
Can anyone explain the logic in convenience at the cost of our future?
Come on and clue me in on the master plan
A reason for the loss of good stature

A hand full of shops gone under in a summer
And the rest are just treading water
Folks have strolled past each day, but alas
The season is through getting hotter
And it appears we’ve chosen just the same
Where do we think our bucks go
When we show for the low cost convenience of a big name
We get home quicker and Joe Shmo is that much richer

And the owner of the corner mart is out of smart ideas
And the thread she hangs onto is thin
It cuts deep within the very hands that run what we belong to
And what do we really belong to man?

Like every other
This town is finding it difficult to breathe
Like nobody’s brother
The big boys crowd in where they cram
And they wont share and they wont leave

And I want to know
Who’s selling property to them in the yard between your bedroom and mine?
And who gave them the keys to the offices of the Courthouse and City Hall?
And who stands in line to vote for them at the mall?
Are you choosing empty halls over a sunny sidewalk and someone’s life’s work?
Are you too busy to stop for that rather than filling the hat of some rich jerk?
Don’t you know my boss wishes she could pay me more?
She gets up every morning and works hard
Oh wont you please come buy goods from her store…
Just over look the construction
Don’t let governmental stupidity be an obstruction
Or you’re letting the drunken capitalist stupor
Stumble all over the streets you don’t pay for
When you lay your money down for millionaires in distant towns
Track Name: Don't Give Me Your Cold
I can tell when you just want me around for companySomebody to talk to, doesn't matter whoWell that doesn't bother me butI get a chill when I'm trying to make a point and you turnAnd walk awayMaybe I got old, maybe the sound of my voice got droneBut don't give me your cold if you're going to walk awayI'm not your girlfriend and you're not my brotherUnless you plan on bringing me chicken soup For a couple of days, wellStop giving me your coldI love the way the lamp light glistens on the city streetWhen it rains at nightAnd I can appreciate the sound of the wind In the leaves above my headAnd I wouldn't mind your breath in my faceIf I knew you were my friendBut you could care less about what I have to say So your babbling has got to endBut if you were my loveI'd let you talk my ear offI'd even let you kiss meAnd if you were my friendI'd let you use my trumpetThat would make it o.k. for me to stay in my roomFor a day or soI could read a new book and get juice from the fridgeIn my slippers and robeHey buddyHave you been down to the river to sit under its skyThe river gives, the river lives under the same roofWhere it'll dieThe river babbles all day long And you can babble right alongBut I too have plenty to say and if you don't careWell I'll be on my way
Track Name: Frolicking Dog In A China Cabinet
The angles of her garden, that's her beauty
The harvest is her strength
Her young one speaks to me like a friend
She’ll treat you just the same
Her home up in the north is made of people
They’re waiting her return
She’ll study all year through
Till she's gathered all there is to learn

And I’ve stumbled on her spinning wheel
Man, I kicked it with my good shoe
I’m a frolicking dog in a china cabinet
It’s not funny

And these emotions here
They are my garments in her wash
This anger here
Is churning in her wash
And this sadness here
Is spinning in her basement
And sooner or later
I’ll have to go get them

And I don't want to loose myself
I only want to be searching for truth

Truth is the emotion we feel

Her fair skin whispers to me ”come and kiss me,
I am from Finland way”
Full in heart and bone
She is her own